North Carolina A&T Researchers Developing AI-Based System to Make Driving More Predictable and Safer

A research team at North Carolina A&T wants to make driving safer and more predictable. The university is collaborating with Microsoft’s Azure Open AI service to solve traffic congestion problems using AI and physics-informed deep learning. The project is led by Leila Hashemi-Beni, Ph.D., and doctoral student Tewodros Syum Gebre.

The university is looking at several ways to reduce traffic congestion and accidents. The goal is to enhance the safety of people on the road. However, the project will also decrease emissions. Gebre explains, “For example, if someone is stuck at a red light when there is no vehicle traveling the other way, they are adding to the amount of emissions just waiting on the light to change.”

Using AI, the team can figure out traffic patterns and estimate the number of vehicles expected on the road during specific timeframes. Enhanced traffic management will benefit drivers, who will no longer have to wait impatiently for a light to change when there isn’t a car in sight or potentially run lights that could lead to accidents. Gebre stated, “We should handle transportation in a smarter and more efficient way to save lives and take care of the environment.”


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