Seated juror in Trump’s trial excused after aspects of identity were made public

Juror Number 2, a nurse who had been selected for Trump’s criminal trial was dismissed Thursday after she told the judge that friends and family had discovered she was a likely juror. Information including her employer, how long she had worked there, and where she lived was shared in court earlier this week and was reported by the media.

“Aspects of my identity have already been out there in the public, yesterday alone I had friends colleagues and family push things to my phone questioning my identity as a juror,” she said, adding that “I don’t believe at this point that I can be fair and unbiased.”

After dismissing a seated juror, Judge Merchan admonished the media for reporting details about the jurors that could be used to identify them. He ordered them not to report prospective jurors’ answers to questions about their current and former employers, adding that reporters should “abide by common sense” and avoid writing about the physical characteristics of the people called to serve.

“We just lost what probably would have been a very good juror,” the judge continued. “She said she was afraid and intimidated by the press, all the press.”

Prosecutors say they uncovered research suggesting juror number four may have lied about his past criminal history. They say he may have committed a crime tearing down political advertisements in the 1990s, and that his wife may have been involved in a corruption scandal charged by the same office prosecuting Donald Trump. The juror had not yet arrived at court when prosecutors raised the issue, and a decision on whether to excuse him was put off until he could face questions.

A new panel of 96 potential jurors is being questioned. At least half of the group was excused for saying they could not be fair and impartial. Ultimately, the jury will include 12 New Yorkers and up to six alternates will need to be selected.

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