What to watch for as millions of Americans vote

From Maine to California, millions of Americans, across 15 states will vote on Super Tuesday. This is the biggest one-day prize in the presidential nomination calendar. More than a third of delegates are at stake as we inch close to the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer.

Nominating contests will be held in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and the US territory of American Samoa. The Republican contest will be in all 15 states, while the Democrats will vote in the same states except Alaska. They will also hold caucuses, in American Samoa and we will get the results of the Democratic contest in Iowa.

Unlike in the past, the 2024 Super Tuesday is not expected to generate many surprises, withJoe Biden and Donald Trump continuing their march towards a rematch of the 2020 elections. As results roll in, there will be plenty to watch out for the three major campaigns.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden comfortably won in South Carolina and Michigan, as well as a nonbinding vote in New Hampshire. He will most likely comfortably win in all states today. The only obstacle of note the president has come across so far has been from those who oppose his Gaza policy. He is accused of ignoring what critics regard as Palestinian genocide. In Michigan last week, more than 100,000 voters, or 12% of voters, cast ballots for “uncommitted” instead of Biden, as part of an organized Gaza war protest. While there do not seem to be similar efforts in the states voting today, the Biden campaign will be closely watching the results to see if there are any significant surprises.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has comfortably won 9 of the 10 states, except Washington DC, that have held primaries so far. Polls indicate that Trump should easily take all 15 states voting today with a comfortable margin. If this happens, Trump will hold a nearly unbeatable number of delegates, as most states allocate all delegates to whoever wins the majority of votes. Trump will not be able to guarantee the Republican Party nomination tonight but a strong showing on Super Tuesday will eliminate whatever showdown of doubt remains after his early successes.

Nikki Haley

Super Tuesday is perhaps the most crucial to the future of Nikki Haley. The Former UN Ambassador promised to doggedly stay in the race, despite a streak of losses, until Super Tuesday. Haley is the last remaining challenger to Trump’s dominance and has earned the support of many anti-Trump voters in the primaries. The number of delegates Haley has picked up so far is not nearly enough to make her a serious contender but she is hoping to add to her delegate totals in the 11 states holding primaries, that are open to non-Republican voters.

There are several rumors that she is planning the end of the campaign and a poor showing tonight will expedite her exit. Even if she does decide to continue her campaign, her speech at the end of the night will tell us what her plans are. While there is speculation that she may run as an independent, what remains to be seen is whether she will endorse Trump in the 2024 elections and position herself for a 2028 presidential campaign.

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