President Biden Takes Historic Step to Reclassify Marijuana, which will Ease Restrictions Nationwide

The Biden administration wants to ease the federal restrictions on cannabis by reclassifying the drug.  Since 1971, the US government has placed marijuana under the same category as heroin, LSD and methamphetamines. Marijuana’s current Schedule 1 classification means that the drug has no acceptable medical use and a high potential for addiction and abuse. Once it’s reclassified, it will fall into the same category of drugs like Tylenol and steroids.

The Biden administration will move cannabis into a Schedule III classification, which means that the drug will also be studied and researched to identify potential medical benefits. Reclassification will also allow pharmaceutical companies to sell and distribute the drug in states where it’s legal. Attorney General Merrick Garland has already submitted the rescheduling proposal to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Over the years, there has been growing bipartisan support for marijuana reforms, driven mainly by the electorate. More than half of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal. Currently, cannabis is only legal in 24 states for recreational use. The Biden administration could change that, but It will take months before the reclassification goes into effect. 


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