Parent pushes Wisconsin District Superintendent at High School graduation ceremony

During Wisconson’s Baraboo High School graduation ceremony on Friday, a disturbing incident occurred when a father prevented his daughter from shaking hands with the Black superintendent, Rainey Briggs. Video footage captured the father, identified as 49-year-old Matt Eddy, jumping on stage and forcibly dragging the superintendent away from his daughter as she attempted to graduate. Eddy was subsequently arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Eddy’s actions were accompanied by shouts of “That’s my daughter!” and “I don’t want her touching him!” as he interrupted the traditional handshake exchange between graduates and school officials. Superintendent Briggs responded, telling Eddy, “You better get up off me man. Get away from me bro,” while the daughter appeared visibly shocked, putting her hand to her forehead before moving her tassel and walking away.

Three police officers intervened to remove Eddy from the stage. Eddy was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and is expected to appear in Sauk County Circuit Court in August. He has been ordered to have no contact with Superintendent Rainey Briggs after a temporary restraining order filing with an upcoming June 14 hearing.

Local reports suggest that Eddy’s anger stemmed from dissatisfaction with how the school district handled bullying issues involving his daughter. Social media reactions have been swift, with some internet users identifying Eddy’s employer and accusing him of racism on the company’s Facebook page.

The school district has expressed regret that the incident marred the ceremony. They are cooperating with law enforcement, though it remains unclear if Superintendent Briggs will pursue additional charges.

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