Oregon High School Teen Brings ‘Majorette’ Dance to School

Source: KOIN 6/YouTube

A Portland, Oregon High School student named is bringing a new dance style to her Jefferson High School.

“Majorette” is commonly associated with Historically Black College and University marching bands. But this 17-year-old introduced the style to Jefferson Dancers who plan to attend an HBCU.

“Majorette is a style. I’m from Texas, so I picked up that style out there and I brought it up here when I came here my sophomore year. It originated in 1986,” said DaLeah. “It’s a mixture of jazz and contemporary and hip-hop all combined. And I feel like no other style really has that mixture together.”

“I never knew what (Majorette) was before, but it was really nice because it was something different. It was something that felt like it was a part of my home. It was a part of my heritage. I really loved it,” added Olivia, who is also a Jefferson Dancer.

The style of dancing is starting to increase in popularity at Jefferson.

“A lot more kids have started to take notice at games that we performed at. They seeing that, they’re like, ‘Hey, that’s what I want to do.’ We went and performed at some elementary schools and middle schools and so there’s intrigue,” said Demetria “Bunky” Holden-Williams, the artistic director for the Jefferson Dancers.

“I thought that it was good that I brought some Black history into there for people who did want to go to HBCUs and the Jefferson community as well,” DaLeah added.

You can catch the Majorette team at some Jefferson High sporting events.

Additionally, the Jefferson Dancers’ spring concert at the Newmark Theater will be April 18-20.

“I love Majorette. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia, so everybody around me has done Majorette and I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Kai, who is also a Jefferson Dancer.

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