NASA Images Show the Land Major Cities are Built on is Sinking

Scientists looked at satellite data and GPS sensors to monitor the motion of the coast and found that infrastructure in major cities like is built on land that sank between the years 2007 and 2020. (Source: NASA)

Many experts are worried about rising sea levels, but new images from NASA show that the coast is sinking. NASA explained that the sinking is “happening rapidly enough to threaten infrastructure, farmland, and wetlands that tens of millions of people along the coast rely upon.” Major cities like New York and Baltimore have experienced sinking since 2007 at around one to two millimeters yearly. However, cities in Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, and Maryland are sinking at three times the rate. Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the fastest-sinking cities. Charleston is only 10 feet above sea level and is considering an 8-mile seawall to protect itself from storm surges and tidal flooding. If the sinking continues, major infrastructure such as highways and airports are at risk. Forests are also being affected as saltwater makes its way into the sinking land.


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