Michigan Primaries could reveal political perils for Democrats and Republicans

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump are expected to be one step closer to securing their party’s nomination in the 2024 presidential elections as voting began in the Michigan primaries this morning. This primary is straightforward for the Democrats – 117 delegates are up for grabs and President Joe Biden is expected to secure the win easily. The Republican primary, on the other hand, is a complex one. The GOP primary results will determine how 16 of Michigan’s 55 Republican National Convention delegates will be awarded. The 39 others will be decided Saturday at a state party convention, which will be determined based on the preferences of delegates from each congressional district.

Michigan, the last major primary state before Super Tuesday is a critical swing state in November’s general election. Even if Biden and Trump post dominant victories as expected on Tuesday, both campaigns will be looking at the margins for signs of weakness. Michigan went to Biden by just 3 percentage points in 2020 and experts say this is a must-win state in 2024 for both candidates.

With the largest Arab-American population in the US, Michigan poses a crucial test for Biden and his administration’s policy on the Israel-Gaza conflict. Democratic voters in Michigan have been organizing for months to send Joe Biden a message during the state’s primary, “No ceasefire. No vote.”. They are rallying voters to instead select “uncommitted” in their ballot.

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