Here’s every black head coach in NFL history

DeMeco Ryans 2023-Present (Houston Texans)

Last Updated on February 25, 2023 10:05 PM CST

Former NFL star turned defensive coordinator, DeMeco Ryans is the next Black man to ascend to the position of head coach in the NFL. The NFL has had more than 500 head coaches over the course of more than a century but only 25 of them have been Black. Brian Flores, who used to be the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL claiming there is racial discrimination in the hiring process. Specifically, Flores claims he’s had multiple incidents of racial discrimination that involved several teams, as well as coaches and executives around the league. His suit also alleges that the NFL’s ownership is colluding to keep teams’ head coaches as white as possible. Here is a list of all of the Black head coaches who have led teams in the 100-year+ existence of the league.

1. Fritz Pollard 1921 (Akron Pros); 1925 (Hammond Pros)
2. Art Shell 1990-1994 (Los Angeles Raiders); 2006 (Oakland Raiders)
3. Dennis Green 1992-2001 (Minnesota Vikings); 2004-2006 (Arizona Cardinals)
4. Ray Rhodes 1995-1998 (Philadelphia Eagles); 1999 (Green Bay Packers)
5. Tony Dungy 1996-2001 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers); 2002-2008 (Indianapolis Colts)
6. Herman Edwards 2001-2005 (New York Jets); 2006-2008 (Kansas City Chiefs)
7. Marvin Lewis 2003-2018 (Cincinnati Bengals)
8. Lovie Smith 2004-2012 (Chicago Bears); 2014-2015 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers); 2022 (Houston Texans)
9. Terry Robiskie 2000 (then-Washington Redskins); 2004 (Cleveland Browns)
10. Romeo Crennel  2005-2008 (Cleveland Browns); 2012 (Kansas City Chiefs); 2020 (Houston Texans)
11. Mike Tomlin 2007-Present (Pittsburgh Steelers)
12. Emmitt Thomas 2007 (Atlanta Falcons)
13. Mike Singletary 2008-2010 (San Francisco 49ers)
14. Jim Caldwell 2009-2011 (Indianapolis Colts); 2014-2017 (Detroit Lions)
15. Raheem Morris  2009-2011 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers); 2020 (Atlanta Falcons)
16. Perry Fewell 2019 (Buffalo Bills)
17. Leslie Frazier 2010-2013 (Minnesota Vikings)
18. Eric Studesville 2010 (Denver Broncos)
19. Mel Tucker 2011 (Jacksonville Jaguars)
20. Todd Bowles 2011 (Miami Dolphins); 2015-2018 (New York Jets)
21. Hue Jackson 2011 (Oakland Raiders); 2016-2018 (Cleveland Browns)
22. Anthony Lynn 2016 (Buffalo Bills); 2017-2020 (Los Angeles Chargers)
23. Vance Joseph 2017-2018 (Denver Broncos)
24. Brian Flores 2019-2021 (Miami Dolphins)
25. DeMeco Ryans 2023-Present (Houston Texans)



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