Grambling University Receives $50,000 Google Grant to Research Post Quantum Cryptography

A modern design representing Grambling State University's tech-focused Google grant.
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Grambling’s Computer Science and Digital Technologies Department will use a $50,000 grant from Google to research post-quantum cryptography systems. The grant is necessary to conduct research to combat the threats posed by quantum computers that can easily break encryption. Grambling plans to explore post-quantum cryptography’s impact on cloud security. The university will also study how it affects existing computer networks. Postquantum cryptography aims to develop cryptographic systems that are secure against cyber attacks from quantum and classical computers while improving the security of cloud computing environments, which are critical for businesses and individuals. Grambling University’s Dr. Rawal stated, “Our students and faculty will have an opportunity for hands-on experience in next-generation cryptography. This research will strengthen data privacy, reduce risks of data breaches, and increase user confidence in cloud services.”


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