Giant Venomous Flying Spiders Expected to Invade New York

Joro Spider – Trichonephila clavata (Christina Butler)

Venomous spiders are expected to invade New York sometime this year. The flying spiders are called Joro spiders. The spiders are enormous, with 4-inch legs and a vibrant yellow and black coloration. Unlike other spiders, the Joro is unique because it can fly around using a “ballooning” technique that allows it to release silk threads into the air and be carried by the wind. The spiders are currently following a migration pattern, and it’s just a matter of time before they make their way to New York City. Once the spiders arrive in New York, experts suggest that residents take preventative measures such as knocking down spider webs and using exterior pest treatments.

Although the Joro spider is venomous, a bite from Joro is not deadly to humans. Joro spiders are usually shy and try to avoid humans and pets. One study found that when threatened, the spider will play dead for around a minute but can stay motionless for up to an hour. Joro spiders aren’t native to America. The spiders are an East Asian species found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Ecologists are still unclear how the spider arrived in America, but it’s theorized that the spiders came to the U.S. through cargo shipments or personal travel.


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