Gaza’s main hospital in ruins after two-week Israeli raid

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) withdrew from, al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza City early Monday after a two-week raid, that has left most of the major medical complex in ruins. The IDF has described the raid as a major battlefield victory in the nearly six-month war and said it raided al-Shifa because Hamas had regrouped there. The Israeli military said it had killed 200 “terrorists” and detained hundreds more. They added that they also found weapons and intelligence “throughout the hospital”.

The two-week operation saw intense fighting and Israeli air strikes in nearby buildings and the surrounding area. Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry said dozens of bodies had been found, some of which were decomposed, in and around the medical complex. It added that the entire hospital was now “completely out of service”.

The Hamas government media office said Israeli forces had also killed 400 Palestinians in al-Shifa and the surrounding area. This included a female doctor and her son, who was also a doctor. Israel has not yet commented on these allegations.

This announcement came at a time of mounting frustration in Israel, with tens of thousands protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday. The protestors demanded he do more to bring home dozens of hostages held in Gaza. This was the largest anti-government demonstration since the start of the war in October.


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