Forbes prematurely announces Supreme Court ruling of student loan forgiveness plan

The saga over the decision for student loan forgiveness has been months in the making as millions of borrowers have been awaiting the Supreme Court to share its final decision. The decision on whether the plan will move forward or not will happen this week, with many believing that there was a high probability that it was going to be released today. On the Supreme Court’s website, the student loan decision was not released or listed while three other decisions were. However, there was an article released by Forbes on the Apple News platform headlined “Supreme Court Approves Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan”. This article was discovered by a TikTok user named Dannytee who documented it via screenshot and has shared it. Dannytee claims that 15 minutes later, the article was removed and is no longer visible.

@dannytorchia The entire article from last pm that is now gone! #schooloans #studentdebt #studentdebtcrisis #studentdebtforgiveness #supremecourt #supremecourtdecision ♬ For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

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