Caught on tape, Supreme Court Justice Alito speaks of political compromise

Judicial reform advocates on Monday demanded that the U.S. Senate take decisive action to hold Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito accountable for his clear display of bias and conflicts of interest after a documentary filmmaker released audio clips she had recorded of the justice discussing ideological battles in the U.S. he said “can’t be compromised.”

The audio was posted Monday on X by liberal filmmaker Lauren Windsor. She said it was recorded at the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner last week where Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, as well as Chief Justice John Roberts, discussed a range of politically sensitive topics. This included inflammatory comments from Alito about the need to return the country to “a place of godliness” and suggesting that he sympathizes with right-wing activists who believe they can’t “negotiate with the left.”

Windsor attended the annual dinner, which is frequented by right-wing activists who are able to interact with the justices at the event, using her real name and as a dues-paying member of the society, which costs $150 per year to join. The liberal filmmaker asked questions of Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts as though she were a religious conservative.

Alito replied, “I agree with you,” when Windsor said people who are conservative Christians need “to return our country to a place of godliness.” He said Windsor was “probably right” when she said, “I don’t know that we can negotiate with the left in the way that needs to happen for the polarization to end. I think that it’s a matter of, like, winning.”

“One side or the other is going to win,” agreed the justice. “I mean, there can be a way of working—a way of living together peacefully, but it’s difficult, you know, because there are differences on fundamental things that really can’t be compromised. It’s not like you can split the difference.”

During last week’s event, Windsor also secretly recorded a conservation she had with Chief Justice John Roberts. In that exchange, the chief can be heard on tape rebuffing some of Windsor’s comments, including her position that the Supreme Court should be “guiding” the US as a “Christian nation.”

“Yeah, I don’t know that we live in a Christian nation. I know a lot of Jewish and Muslim friends who would say maybe not,” Roberts says in the recording. “And it’s not our job to do that. It’s our job to decide the cases as best we can.”

The court declined to comment on the recordings.

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